Thank you so much for "Stepping Up" for The Arc of Monmouth!

Thank you for the support!

Runners and walkers, we hope you enjoyed an exciting event. Sponsors and donors, we thank you for your generosity.

For any questions, please contact Development at 732-493.1919 x 125

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The Arc of Monmouth Walk & 5K

The Arc of Monmouth



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Event Date

Apr 09, 2016 08:30 am


Asbury Park Boardwalk
1300 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, 07712

For easy to follow, detailed instructions on how to register and/or set up a fundraising page, please click here!

Join us for another fantastic year on the Asbury Park Boardwalk for our Walk & 5K event!

Live Music - Great Food - Prizes - Giveaways - Photo Booth - Activities for the Whole Family

The Walk & 5K continues to be one of The Arc of Monmouth's largest annual fundraiser, attracting nearly 1,000 participants and growing each year. Step up for The Arc of Monmouth and race for the finish line, or grab your friends and family and enjoy an exciting walk with a view. You don't want to miss this year's after-party inside Convention Hall, featuring live music, giveaways, games and delicious food!

Event Schedule

7:30 am:     5k registration opens inside Convention Hall
8:30 am:     5k begins - Check out the race route!
9:30 am:     5k awards inside Convention Hall
10:00 am:   Walk registration opens inside Convention Hall (Note: if you have registered online, you can arrive any time between 10:00am -11:00am)
11:00 am:   Walk begins
12:00 pm:   Lunch and after-party inside the legendary Convention Hall

All proceeds from the Walk & 5K go directly to The Arc of Monmouth's many programs that benefit over 1,400 Monmouth County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

$20.00 Jessica Calella 7 months ago
Sorry I'm late with the donation! We hope you had a great walk! Jess, Joe C.'s wife.
$50.00 James Powell 8 months ago
Better late than never!
$20.00 Patricia O'Donnell 8 months ago
I hope u had a good walk and good luck to u all
$100.00 Sharon Learn 8 months ago
TEAM DANI is the BEST!!!
$50.00 Peter D'Arcangelo 8 months ago
$50.00 Michelle Cohen 8 months ago
Woo Woo!!! Go Team Dani!!! You are amazing!! Love you!
$40.00 Laura Green 8 months ago
You go girl!!
$25.00 Anthony Harney 8 months ago
Good Luck Team Barone
$150.00 Barrie Fahey 8 months ago
$25.00 Elizabeth Handschur 8 months ago
$50.00 Christina Drew 8 months ago
Great cause, Cass!
$425.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$25.00 Carla Nappo 8 months ago
$25.00 Peter Roskowinski 8 months ago
Supporting one of the best teachers and even a better person, Cassie dorn.
$20.00 Clare Sullivan 8 months ago
In memory of Danny Kardane
$25.00 Nancy Samaha 8 months ago
$30.00 Brenton Diallo 8 months ago
$250.00 David Indursky 8 months ago
Great Job
$25.00 Ellen Murtha 8 months ago
Way to go Tom! Good luck!
$100.00 Nicholas Belton 8 months ago
$25.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$50.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$25.00 Lonnie Kennedy 8 months ago
$50.00 Howard Ross 8 months ago
Thanks for working so hard Tom! I look forward to your running
$50.00 Kylie McGinty 8 months ago
Sorry Finn and I aren't going to be able to walk with you. Love you all.
$100.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
Maybe you should see if they need someone to lead the field on their bike. Might be less painful.
$50.00 Kathleen Toomey 8 months ago
Good Luck Amanda with this very important cause. David & Kathleen Toomey
$100.00 Alisa Eagle 8 months ago
Thinking of Jodi Always! Love, The Eagles
$15.00 Graziella Nobile 8 months ago
Sorry we won't be able to make it! Hope you have a great time!
$50.00 Rebecca Toohig 8 months ago
Good luck team Barone!
$25.00 Michael Barone 8 months ago
Thank you Avery Graham!!
$10.00 Kathleen Omo 8 months ago
Go get 'em, Penny!
$125.00 Lori Yeager 8 months ago
Go get 'em, Casper!!
$35.00 Nancy Bellezza 8 months ago
Missing Debbie. Wonderful tribute to her. Thank you Cass.
$50.00 Jennifer Vultaggio 8 months ago
$20.00 Rebecca Klimovich 8 months ago
$25.00 Janet Freed 8 months ago
$20.00 Jennifer Kanuga 8 months ago
Honoring Debbie... great job Cass!
$25.00 Susan Herrman 8 months ago
Good luck Cassie!!
$10.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$10.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$50.00 Michael Barone 8 months ago
Thank you Marty Indursky!!
$25.00 Sona Polkowski 8 months ago
$75.00 Shanna White 8 months ago
Good luck! Thanks for all that you do.
$25.00 Denise Jadevaia 8 months ago
Go Cass!!!
$50.00 Siddiqua Hosein 8 months ago
Let's go Team Barone! :) -The McGinnis family
$100.00 Joe Noonan 8 months ago
Tom Good luck Joe
$50.00 Robert Sullivan 8 months ago
Good luck buddy!
$50.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$10.00 Ernest DAlbero 8 months ago
Great job, Cassie.
$25.00 Angela Harrell 8 months ago
$25.00 Helene Marra 8 months ago
Go, Meghan!
$20.00 Stephanie Brosnan 8 months ago
$100.00 Debra Connolly 8 months ago
My daughter Melissa loves The Achievement Zone! Let's go have fun at the 5K Walk!!
$100.00 MaryAnn Wilderotter 8 months ago
$30.00 Chinyun Wu 8 months ago
$25.00 Susan Eads 8 months ago
Go Cass. How nice to honor Debbie's memory this way!
$50.00 Josephine Suarez 8 months ago
Remembering Debbie.
$50.00 Jeannine Deck 8 months ago
Let's go Team Dani !
$20.00 Sheree Guglielmi 8 months ago
$25.00 Kim-Marie Kipila 8 months ago
Good Luck Team Dani! Have a great day!
$25.00 Roxanne Judice 8 months ago
Go Cass! Thanks for keeping up Debbie's great work.
$20.00 Stacy Liss 8 months ago
$50.00 Joseph Cerbone 8 months ago
Cassie....thank you for remembering Debbie in such a wonderful way....her spirit will be with you the whole time
$25.00 Lori Todd 8 months ago
You got this Cass!
$50.00 Susan Maugeri 8 months ago
Go team Barone!
$20.00 Barbara Beckett 8 months ago
$20.00 Kendra Bodin 8 months ago
Go Cass!!
$10.00 Faith DeRoos 8 months ago
You rock Cassie...doing so much...for everyone...Bless you!!!
$10.00 Vanna Acuna 8 months ago
Remembering sweet Debbie.
$25.00 Salvatore D'Elia 8 months ago
$50.00 Kathleen Smith 8 months ago
Go Cass! I am so glad I had the opportunity to know and work with Debbie. She was a gifted educator. KS
$10.00 Lisa Liscoe 8 months ago
$100.00 Judith Dorn 8 months ago
Thanks, Cass!
$25.00 Risa Clay 8 months ago
Go Cass, thanks for doing this :) !
$25.00 Mary Karlo 8 months ago
Go Cass!
$30.00 Barbara Green 8 months ago
Yay Penny!
$20.00 Stacy Shuff 8 months ago
$10.00 Shelly Lesnick 8 months ago
Good luck, Cass
$20.00 Anne Brennan 8 months ago
You rock, Cass!
$20.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$100.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
You go girl!
$10.00 Colleen Hein 8 months ago
$25.00 Marissa Murray 8 months ago
$20.00 Kathleen Omo 8 months ago
Great reason to walk/run!
$30.00 Francis Casper 8 months ago
$10.00 WILLIAM KUHLES 8 months ago
$100.00 CAROL ANN COOK 8 months ago
$50.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$25.00 Pat Coppinger 8 months ago
$100.00 Mary Verdon 8 months ago
Go Team!!!
$10.00 Laura Schmitz 8 months ago
$10.00 Laura Schmitz 8 months ago
Go Team WOC Warriors
$100.00 Donna Best 8 months ago
Have a great walk
$25.00 Laura Schmitz 8 months ago
$50.00 Gina Maynes 8 months ago
$50.00 Regina Maynes 8 months ago
$10.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
$50.00 BYWATER Construction LLC 8 months ago
$10.00 Hollis Lund 8 months ago
$50.00 Nancy Bonaparte 8 months ago
$25.00 Kim Pindar 8 months ago
Go Team Dani !
$25.00 Cheryl David 8 months ago
$100.00 Donna Maerz 8 months ago
Go Cass go!
$100.00 Sarah Murphy 8 months ago
You go Cass!
$10.00 Deborah Herche 8 months ago
Good Luck with the Walk! See you there
$100.00 Darren Yonkin 8 months ago
$20.00 Carol Pasko 8 months ago
Good luck!!
$50.00 Michael Barone 8 months ago
Thank you to the Duralek Family!
$20.00 Chad Scanlon 8 months ago
$25.00 Thomas Visotsky 8 months ago
$100.00 Thomas Visotsky 8 months ago
$50.00 Thomas Visotsky 8 months ago
$50.00 Thomas Visotsky 8 months ago
$20.00 Allison Guimaraes 8 months ago
$25.00 Alicia Gibson 8 months ago
$50.00 Christopher Roberts 8 months ago
$10.00 Tracy Hutzel 8 months ago
$100.00 Kathleen Barofski 8 months ago
Go Team Dani love the Barofski family
$100.00 Brayton Round II 8 months ago
Sorry we can't join you. Have a great day. Go Team Dani!
$40.00 Lauren Sullivan 8 months ago
Have fun supporting a great cause!
$25.00 Matthew Viola 8 months ago
$50.00 William Lynch 8 months ago
$50.00 William Lynch 8 months ago
$100.00 Michael Kundla 8 months ago
$100.00 Karen Janiszewski 8 months ago
$100.00 Rob Swikart 8 months ago
$50.00 Alyson Candino 8 months ago
Can't wait to walk for Danny again this year!!!
$100.00 Anonymous 8 months ago
In support of your new ED Linda Mayo!
$25.00 Susan Ben-zvy 8 months ago
$25.00 Gregory Lande 8 months ago
LOVE and MISS you DK!!!
$25.00 Tucker Schmidt 8 months ago
$50.00 Stephanie Markovic 9 months ago
In honor of Dan the Man!
$20.00 Christine Solga 9 months ago
Have a blast!
$50.00 David Koch 9 months ago
$200.00 Thomas Leach 9 months ago
Sending love!
$50.00 Janice Gopez 9 months ago
Yay go Kurt! Go Larsens! Love you guys!
$50.00 Linda Kleinfeld 9 months ago
$50.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
$50.00 Racielle Lande 9 months ago
In memory of our beloved Danny. Never to be forgotten!
$100.00 Aztec Corporation 9 months ago
Good Luck From The Aztec Corporation!
$25.00 Caroline O'Connell 9 months ago
Awesome way to join our team - Good Luck!!
$25.00 Caroline O'Connell 9 months ago
Bring plenty of Advil to share - Good Luck!!
$180.00 STUART KIBRICK 9 months ago
$15.00 Brandon Buhay 9 months ago
You are the man!
$50.00 Steven Eichorn 9 months ago
$50.00 Courtney Zalepka 9 months ago
GOTeam Dani!! xxoo! Cousins Jacy & Jax
$250.00 Rachel Weiss 9 months ago
$250.00 Jerry E Mindurski 9 months ago
Our name on signage would be appreciated I will also try to donate some water as well Little Silver Acme
$100.00 Laurie Hesslein 9 months ago
$40.00 Jeanne Sullivan 9 months ago
Thanks for always thinking of others!!!
$25.00 Cathy Van Velzen 9 months ago
Go Kurt, Nora, Ryan & Brody!!!! With love, Uncle Jerry & Aunt Cathy
$50.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
$25.00 Nicole Geraci 9 months ago
$50.00 Gina Haake 9 months ago
$25.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
$50.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
$50.00 Jenny Kang 9 months ago
$25.00 Erica Friedman 9 months ago
Keep up the good work!
$10.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
Good luck to the awesome students of The Achievement Zone!
$25.00 Adele Barlow 9 months ago
In memory of my best friend, Danny Kardane. Craig Cambeis
$50.00 Carrie O'Connell 9 months ago
Go Danny!!
$10.00 Mary Castiglione 9 months ago
Good luck!! Raise your goal amount!!
$10.00 Brian Shore 9 months ago
$10.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
$70.00 John Hockin 9 months ago
Good luck to all the teams, but TEAM DANI ROCKS.
$100.00 Michael Barone 9 months ago
$50.00 Ronald Barone 9 months ago
$50.00 Christina Basile 9 months ago
Go Circles!!
$30.00 Amy Rubin 9 months ago
GO Team Dani! We luv you!
$50.00 Nancy Otten 9 months ago
In memory of my wonderful nephew, Danny! I miss you, Danny.
$100.00 Linda Leach 9 months ago
Love your team name Kurt Rocks !!!
$10.00 Jason Walsh 9 months ago
Good luck everyone! You do the running, I'll sit at home and donate the money.
$25.00 Terri Piteo 9 months ago
Wendy, In honor of your beloved brother. From Terri P.
$250.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
Good Luck from Ronan, Tuzzio & Giannone
$50.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
From Kathie and Kris xoxo
$50.00 Timothy Sherman 9 months ago
$50.00 Debbie Hessner 9 months ago
Best of luck Team Dani, so proud of you! Love Aunt Nancy and Debbie
$100.00 Kathleen Gorman 9 months ago
$275.00 Sarah L Purdy 9 months ago
What a great event! Love seeing all the pics. This is an amazing organization!
$50.00 Cindy McLavish 9 months ago
Good luck! I wish I could participate! Love, Colette Schembri and Family
$50.00 Marie Pavelchak 9 months ago
$50.00 Michele DeRocker 9 months ago
Good luck Tommy, this is a great cause!!
$20.00 Julie Harrison 9 months ago
Go Kurt and Larsens!
$50.00 Denise O'Larte 9 months ago
$40.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
Best of Luck to All of Team Dani!!
$100.00 Rodett And Irv Kardane 9 months ago
In memory of our loving Danny. You are always in our hearts.
$25.00 Laura Zaccaria 9 months ago
Good luck Tommy! This is a good thing you are doing! Love, Laura &Al
$25.00 Ann Fitzsimmons 9 months ago
Good luck Kurt and his team.
$25.00 Michael Nease 9 months ago
Run Run Run!
$100.00 Daniel Larsen 9 months ago
Congratulations to all of you - Ryan, Nora, Kurt and Brody for participating in this very worthy cause. Much Love to All of You, Dad and Carol
$25.00 Rebecca Magnuski 9 months ago
Go Kurt Go!!!
$25.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
From your protégé!
$30.00 Anonymous 9 months ago
Way to go Kurt Rocks....We are rooting for you from California. Hope to be there one day to walk with all of you......Janis and Al
$25.00 Nora Larsen 9 months ago
We are happy and excited to participate and support the Arc of Monmouth for again this year!
$25.00 Marie Alberta 9 months ago
Beat it, beat it, No-one wants to be defeated, Showin' how funky and strong is your fight, It doesn't matter who's wrong or right. Just beat it! -- Good Luck in the 5K Tommy!! Aunt Marie & Uncle John
$30.00 Anthony Chadwick 9 months ago
$10.00 Sarita Varma 10 months ago
I love you and I promised I would donate nd if I have enough Friday I will donate again
$100.00 Tom & Donna Heleotis 10 months ago
You go, Tom! Proud of your efforts every year for this event!
$50.00 Anonymous 10 months ago
Good luck, Tommy. It's a great thing that you are doing! Joe and Donna Cauda
$75.00 Marie Accardi 10 months ago
Dani you rock!! and your haircut is great- love- Anna Accardi
$25.00 Linda Mayo 10 months ago
Go Teams!! Have a GREAT Day!!
$25.00 Lori Enny 10 months ago
Sorry I cannot make it this year! Good luck! xo
$100.00 Anonymous 10 months ago
$25.00 Kathryn James 10 months ago
GO! Team Dani!!!
$25.00 Michele DeDea 10 months ago
$10.00 Jannice Connolly 10 months ago
I'm testing this. Go team Dani!!
$10.00 Anonymous 10 months ago
$20.00 RICHARD O'BRIEN 10 months ago
$100.00 Colleen Kaliakmanis 10 months ago
Dani, We love you very much and are so proud of the beautiful, sweet, talented young woman you have become!! Enjoy the walk! Aunt Colleen, Uncle Alex & K CREW
$50.00 Tammy Cohen 10 months ago
I love following' Dani's adventures on Facebook. Keep living life to the fullest!
$50.00 Anonymous 10 months ago
Cassandra Dorn Goal: $500
$1,150 raised 31 donors
Linda Mayo Goal: $1,000
$1,000 raised 15 donors
Thomas Heleotis Goal: $500
$394 raised 9 donors
Neil Fleischman Goal: $500
$366 raised 3 donors
Janine Trembley Goal: $100
0 raised 0 donors
Wendy Holsey Goal: $500
$650 raised 13 donors
Clare Sullivan Goal: $100
$125 raised 4 donors
Sarah Sakowski Goal: $100
$50 raised 1 donors
Kerry O'Connor Goal: $100
0 raised 0 donors
Patti Allgor Goal: $500
$50 raised 2 donors
sarah Layre Goal: $150
0 raised 0 donors
Penny Boehle Goal: $200
$205 raised 8 donors
Meghan Coppinger Goal: $100
$95 raised 4 donors
Shannon Carusi Goal: $100
0 raised 0 donors
Linda Whitworth Goal: $100
0 raised 0 donors
A. Renee Diallo Goal: $200
$30 raised 1 donors
TEAM DANI Captain: DANI Goal: $1,000 Member(s): 3
$2,050 raised 36 fundraisers
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Captain: Thomas Heleotis Goal: $500 Member(s): 2
$1,918 raised 20 fundraisers
HCS Captain: Tom Fahey Goal: $1,000 Member(s): 15
$2,250 raised 35 fundraisers
Kurt Rocks Captain: Nora Larsen Goal: $1,200 Member(s): 0
$1,620 raised 21 fundraisers
ILP - Facilitating the Dream Captain: Harley Stanley Goal: $500 Member(s): 5
$145 raised 5 fundraisers
Spirit of Jodi Captain: The Solden Family Goal: $500 Member(s): 4
$3,320 raised 47 fundraisers
Barone Captain: Michael Goal: $1,000 Member(s): 0
$1,055 raised 14 fundraisers
SEgulls Captain: Peter Goal: $500 Member(s): 5
$500 raised 4 fundraisers
Team TAZ (The Achievement Zone) Captain: Candice Layton Goal: $500 Member(s): 2
$380 raised 9 fundraisers
Schoolers for Autism Captain: Sarah Goal: $150 Member(s): 2
$165 raised 8 fundraisers
Jersey dream chasers Captain: Jordan Ford Goal: $50 Member(s): 3
0 raised 0 fundraisers
WOC Warriors Captain: Laura Schmitz Goal: $500 Member(s): 4
$515 raised 10 fundraisers
Fantastic Farmingdale Captain: Fantastic Farmingdale Goal: $100 Member(s): 1
$150 raised 2 fundraisers